For qualified WellBe members, read below on how to get ready for your first visit.

Step 1

Before your first visit, fill out your: Authorization Form.

Step 2

Mark your calendar!

This will help you remember your upcoming appointment.

Step 3

Call us first if you have any questions about your appointment: 1-855-477-4151

What to expect at your first visit:

Every visit is personalized for you. WellBe provides in-home medical care as you would receive at a doctor’s office, and you don’t come to us, we come to you!

Here’s just a small checklist to help you prepare for your visit:

• Make sure you have a photo ID and your insurance card ready for your WellBe Clinician.
• Have all of your medications out and ready to go over.
• We love Pets! But please put them away.
• If there are any parking or entry instructions please let us know! (Come through the back, Apt #, Street parking, door staff.)
• Anyone you want to be present at your first visit is invited. Anyone who is involved with or supports you we want to meet them.

WellBe Visit Types

First Visit

First visits let you meet your WellBe clinician, have an exam and discuss your custom care plan.

Follow-Up Visit

Follow-up visits as needed based on your care plan.

Urgent Visit

Urgent visits when you need us, call us first 24/7.

Hospital Visit

If you do go to the hospital, a WellBe Clinician can visit you. Next WellBe will set up additional visits if needed.

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