Partnering with Health Plans to deliver expert care.

We are geriatric specialists who actively consult with the primary care physicians and other specialists who are our partners in delivering the best possible care to patients.

We understand how health changes with age.

As geriatric clinicians with decades of experience serving this community, we believe that nurturing our patients’ physical, social and emotional health cuts down on unnecessary emergency care and hospital visits, improving both quality of life and the costs of care.

We work with health plans to find the right patients who will benefit from the Complete Care™ offered by WellBe Senior Medical. We assume financial risk for our patient’s total cost of care.

We will provide our patients with ongoing, personal care, based on our distinctive clinical model that allows us to provide more services, in more settings and through all transitions of care.

As geriatric specialists we partner with the patient’s existing primary care physician — we do not replace the PCP.

Through our regular interactions, we will work closely with our patients to deliver the advanced care they need to stay healthier, longer, at home, or in lower-cost care settings.

We meet all your health needs

Your care team works with you, your caregivers, and physicians to identify your Complete Care™ plan, offering you more services to address all your health needs wherever you are.

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