Our Mission

We help our patients lead healthier, meaningful lives by delivering the most complete care.

The power of care to create better living.

WellBe Senior Medical specializes in caring for patients with complex, chronic conditions, whose health is changing with age. As geriatric specialists, we have decades of experience serving these patients. We are committed to providing personal, Complete Care™ at home or wherever our patients are, and our care team works together with patients, caregivers, and physicians to nurture all aspects of health.


Dr. Jeffrey Kang

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Iyad Houshan

Chief Medical Officer

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Brie Farmer

Chief Operating Officer

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Denise Hatzidakis

Chief Information Officer

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Dan Frascella

Chief Financial Officer

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Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins

Chief Recruitment Officer

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Mike Stuart

Chief Growth Officer

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Sara McBride

VP Clinical Development & Operations

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Pranav Kothari

Chief Product/Membership Experience Officer

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Josh Aubey

Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

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Nancy Zaner

SVP Clinical Services

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Greg Sawchyn

Regional Market President

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Traci Dunn

Chief People Officer

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Bill Leister

SVP Data and Clinical Solutions

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Daniel Kevorkian, MSPT

SVP Operations

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Regina King

Regional Market President

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Jacob Juhn

VP of Data & Analytics

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Brian Reuhl

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

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Leeba Lessin

Advisor Emeritus (deceased)
Former CEO, CareMore

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Richard Lungen

Advisor, Leverage Health

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Dr. Robert J. Master

Advisor, Cofounder and Former CEO of Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA)

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Our Promise

Compassionate, Complete Care™

We put our patients first, nurturing their physical, social and emotional health. We listen closely and take the time to understand what’s important to our patients, in order to provide personal, expert care whenever and wherever they need it.

A Close Partnership

We work together with patients, caregivers, colleagues, and fellow clinicians to meet our patients’ goals. We communicate clearly and regularly to ensure we provide the support our patients need.


We respect the dignity of our patients and the expertise of our fellow clinicians. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of medical excellence with a quality of service that is worthy of our patients’ and partners’ trust.

Our Key Partners

Chicago Pacific Founders, a Chicago-based private equity firm, supports WellBe Senior Medical through a large capital commitment and enables us to scale quickly across markets and accept full financial responsibility for the medical costs of our patients.

Leverage Health is a market-leading venture catalyst in healthcare strategy and business development focused on delivering best-in-class services to the healthcare payer, provider, service company marketplace based on unique and unparalleled industry experience.

Santa Barbara Actuaries

Santa Barbara Actuaries is an actuarial and data science healthcare consulting firm specializing in advanced statistical analytics, predictive modeling, and outcomes evaluation of healthcare interventions. SBA supports WellBe with patient identification and program optimization from an economic perspective which helps WellBe drive maximum value for both patients and clients.

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