Collaborative Approach to Comprehensive Care

You Are the Primary Care Provider.

Here’s how WellBe can help you:

Around-the-clock support for your patients, including fully-staffed in-home urgent care

Access to new services, including geriatrics, behavioral health, pharmaceutical, social work, and EMS.

Peace of mind that your patients are taken care of even when your office is closed

Maximize your health plan and cost-based incentives

Extend your practice into the home at no cost to you or your patients

Increase practice bandwidth with WellBe

How can WellBe help my patients?

We follow your care plan, offering frequent communication and updates (care coordination, tightly integrated.)

Access to a dedicated Provider Liaison to support your patient care plan | Access to the WellBe Provider Concierge Hotline

Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, readmissions, and TOC support

Geriatric Specialization with fast virtual curbside consults from specialists 48 hours

Enhanced visibility to the patient’s entire care journey

Assist your patients in accessing their full benefits

End-of-life conversations and planning

We are here to work with you

WellBe partners with leading regional and national health plans to serve over 80,000 patients, delivering personalized in-home medical care.

Questions? Contact:  Network@wellbe.com for more information.

WellBe is confident we can work with and for you to assist in extending your practice into the home.

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